Diagnostic Services Questions

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Diagnostic Services
When we're working on your vehicle to determine a problem, the more relevant information that you provide to us, the faster and more accurate we will be with a diagnostic solution.

Prior to dropping off your vehicle for repair, please think about these questions:

  • Was there a specific event that happened prior to the problem? For example: Did it happen after you power washed the motor? Did anyone hit a curb during a ice storm?

  • Are there any associated leaks or smells? Do you smell anti-freeze or did you notice a new oil spot on your driveway?

  • Does the problem occur at certain speeds? Does it only occur going around right hand turns? Does the severity increase when you hit a bump?

  • Does the problem change with temperature of the day? Does it change with the temperature of the vehicle, only when it's cold or hot?

  • Is there a new noise that might be associated with the problem? Are there noises that are definitely not associated with the problem?

  • Does the problem happen consistently? If the problem is rare and only occurs occasionally, it can be difficult for us to repeat and will take us longer to diagnose.

Although some of these questions may not seem relevant to your problem, usually the more information we have, the faster and more accurately we can diagnose the problem. The faster and more accurately we can diagnose the problem, the quicker and less costly the repair will be. It is a win-win for everyone.

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